Weapon Storage Cabinet

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Security Cabinet For Weapon Storage

Flexible, versatile – instantly reconfigurable secure weapons storage, this Secure Weapons Cabinet is quite simply the most flexible and versatile storage cabinet for weapons ever produced.


  • Stores any size rifle, shotgun or handgun. Plus, the cabinet can be configured to provide secure storage for evidence material alongside weapon storage.
  • Vertical or horizontal storage of police evidence items or weapons as required.
  • All-steel roller shutter door secures the cabinet components. Optional internal hinged security gate. Access to cabinet interior can be further secured with up to 4 keyed security levels available.
  • Substantial all steel construction gives an all up weight of fully configured cabinet of 250 kg.
  • Wide selection of internal components can be configured in an unlimited number of ways to permit maximum storage capacity for any mixture of weapons.
  • Instantly adjust the internal components to provide a custom solution for secure weapon storage using a single tool
  • Four sizes of cabinet are available to suit all situations.
  • The sliding roller shutter provides the perfect answer for inconspicuous secure storage of arms in publicly viewed areas.

Key Benefits

  • Unique all-steel bi-parting all-steel roller shutter door
  • 4 cabinet sizes
    Optional meshed security gate (for ease of see through inventory)
  • Secure storage for carbines, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, PDW’s & hardware
  • Rifle storage with accessories attached (such as scopes & grenade launchers)
  • Small arms can be housed vertically or horizontally in any order
  • Rifles & shotguns, etc. can be individually locked if required
  • Integrated storage for ammunition, gear & evidence materials
  • Retractable work shelves available
  • Modular components – all interchangeable with the Stackable and Expandable Weapons Rack
  • Handgun and evidence locker 3-compartments
  • British Govt Home Office Approved (CPNI) version of weapon storage cabinet available

Technical Information

Height options 1525mm, 1625mm, 1825mm or 2110mm
Depth 555mm
Width 915mm
Construction All steel cabinet with steel roller shutter door
Internal gate All steel internal gate (optional)
Weapons cradles Steel with rubber padding
Component options  weapons storage components