About FWS Europe

Unique Products

Our wide range of standard and adapted products has been developed over many years of working alongside our clients

Close Attention to detail

Unparalleled levels of space planning and CAD drawing detail enable us to ensure successful solutions time after time.

Long Experience and Satisfied Clients

No other weapon storage company has such a depth of experience supplying clients from many of the world’s most important military and police forces. We have carried out supply and installation projects for government customers right across the world in widely varying locations and climatic conditions.

Featured Products

  • space-thExpandable Weapons Racks
    Efficient, flexible weapons storage for armoury locations - with instant expandability built in. The Expandable Weapons Rack enables high-density storage of virtually any small arms within a secure space such as an armoury.
  • launch-thStackable Weapons Cabinet
    Modular Secure Stackable Weapons Rack enables high-density storage of arms in flexible, stackable format.
  • comet-thSecure Weapons Cabinet
    Flexible, versatile - instantly reconfigurable secure weapons storage. This cabinet is quite simply the most flexible and versatile weapon storage cabinet ever produced.
  • spacewalk-thHeavy Machine Gun / M2 Rack
    These Racks store the .50 inch calibre Browning-type machine gun and spare barrels in a secure upright position and permit easy transportation.

Secure Evidence Storage Cabinets Secure Evidence Storage System with many options to exactly match your operational requirements.

System Components Interchangeable Components for the Stackable, Expandable, and the Secure Weapons Cabinet.

Mobile Weapons Storage Weapons transportation solutions both within a secure environment, plus transport cases and equipment for movement of weapons outside the armoury environment.

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FWS Clients Say...

"FWS Europe successfully won our recent tender for Weapons & Ammunition storage involving the supply and installation of equipment into 26 ISO Containers for use by deployed NATO forces. The company worked hard to meet our requirements and delivered a very satisfactory performance and we are happy to recommend them.”

- Dimcho DIMOV, Technical Officer CP Acquisition and Follow on Support Branch, NATO Support & Procurement Agency, L-8302 Capellen GD Luxembourg

“Your racking system is very versatile and is especially suitable for the myriad of different weapons we use"

- Senior Estates Liaison Officer

“I am very happy to act as a reference for your weapon storage equipment"

- Technical Advisor, MOD

Case Studies – NATO

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 17.01.32Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.18.45Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.18.40Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.18.35

NATO - Small Arms Ammunition & Weapon Storage

NAMSA (NATO Procurement Agency) were tasked to provide NATO Forces with mobile containerised storage that could be included with NATO deployments to provide instant weapon and ammunition storage for NATO forces. 26 shipping containers were required to provide storage for all forces at four deployments simultaneously.

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