Expandable Weapons Rack

Expandable Weapons Racks

EWR-with-SA-80Efficient, flexible weapons storage for armoury locations – with instant expandability built in, the Expandable Weapons Rack enables high-density storage of virtually any small arms within a secure space such as a military or police armoury.
Whatever operational requirements may dictate, users can configure their weapons storage to match – seamlessly and efficiently.

This system reduces weapons deployment time and can be rapidly reconfigured to meet changing requirements and armoury equipment using just a single tool. Simple and straightforward to use, the arms storage system can grow or change with requirements by adding or removing bolt-on modules.  Expandable Weapons Racks are now available in a new and further improved version.

secure-expandedHow it works

Specially designed panels hook into single or double-sided posts. Single sided posts locate against walls, double sided posts permit weapons storage panels to be located back-to-back creating aisles for larger areas and saving valuable armoury space.
The flexibility of the removable mounting components ensures that the Expandable Weapons Rack can store all rifles, shotguns, sub machine guns, handguns and personal defence weapons, vertically or horizontally – plus leave room for firearms accessories. The Double Space Stock and Barrel saddle component enables easy storage of machine guns fitted with bipod as diverse as FN Minimi, NATO M60, L86 LSW and CETME Ameli. The rack is also ready to store larger weapons such as Browning 0.50 Heavy Machine Gun / M2, RMG 50 and launchers such as the H&K GMG.

For example, the system can easily accommodate everything from a tall sniper rifle such as the .50 cal M107 by Berretta (nearly 1.5 metres long) through to handguns and firearm accessories – all on a single panel.

expandable weapon racking

Key Benefits

  • House any size weapon – carbines, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, handguns, hardware, accessories and ammunition
  • Rapid deployment is enabled by permitting storage of rifles with accessories such as scopes & grenade launchers attached
  • Store weapons vertically or horizontally
  • All modular components interchangeable with the Stackable Racks & Secure Weapons Cabinet
  • Shelves, boxes and plastic bin rails for general storage
  • Individual locking of weapons if required
  • Same type weapons secured in 10s or 12s with locking bar
  • Double or single sided units are standard

Technical Information

Module widths 810mm or 1020mm
Module height 2135mm
Construction All punched steel
Weapons Cradles Steel with rubber padding
Configuration Single or Double Sided
Fixing options Floor or wall fixing
Component options  weapons storage components