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New Exhibition of Metropolitan Police Crime Artefacts

London’s Metropolitan Police Service is to allow some of the artefacts from famous crimes which it has gathered over the years to go on public display for the first time. The force’s private Museum of Crime houses items used by many of the country’s most unpleasant and notorious criminals. This includes the Handgun used by the Kray’s in their attempted murder of Jack ‘the Hat’ McVitie in 1967.

Other exhibits at the Museum of Crime are considerably more disturbing and are not going to be included in the new exhibition at the Museum of London.  These items include equipment used by the criminally insane Dr Hawley Crippen and Dennis Nilsen.

The Museum of Crime is a unique institution was established in 1875 consisting of items recovered from crimes. The original idea of the Museum was to give police officers practical instruction on how to detect and prevent burglary. Since then it’s role enlarged and became an integral part of CID training. Today it is used as a lecture theatre for the curator to address police officers and staff.

The new exhibition The Crime Museum Uncovered runs from 9th October 2015 – 10th April 2016.