Topic: Weapons Storage

Weapon Racking Event Hire

Temporary weapon storage for summits and major sporting events is now available thanks to our weapon storage rental service. Easily store all police and military weapons, G36, M4, C8, SA80, HK417, Shotguns, Pistols, Tasers etc etc.

Hire and return racks for short loan periods

Please visit our weapon storage rental page here

Machine Guns/Assault Rifles – new extrusion available for storage components

FWS has procured tooling for a new protective rubber extrusion for weapon storage components. It has been specially made for extruding a rubber section in a new temperature resistant compound for use with machine guns and assault rifles that will be stored in racks shortly after use.

The rubber section acts as a barrier on the steel storage components to prevent damage to firearms.

Weapon barrel temperatures soar during continuous fire which means that they would melt the standard rubber extrusion when weapons are stored hot – for example for racks in mobile applications.

The new rubber extrusion, however, can withstand the high barrel temperatures experienced on machine guns/assault rifles following extended continuous fire. This means that weapon barrels will not be damaged by contact with steel storage components and importantly there is no risk of fire or fumes from rubber catching alight.

Just out of interest, there are obviously many influences on barrel temperature, rate of fire and ammunition type clearly being most important. This You Tube video shows what happens after 1500 rounds of tracer are continuously fired by an M60 machine gun. Click here to view the video